Obama Threatens S&P over AA Rating

Obama Threatens S&P over AA Rating

Al Ritter

Strong arm tactics are being used once again by the Obama Administration. Chicago politics at it’s finest as the DOJ has launched an investigation against Standard and Poor’s after downgrading of the bond ratings. Similar to shooting the messenger, our President refuses to see the problem as a spending problem. He only sees the downgrade as something he doesn’t want, not that there are certain situations where spending is clearly out of control and needs to be fixed.

Standard and Poors managing director, John Chambers explained how several plans had been presented that would have averted the credit downgrade. Plans that included $4 trillion in cuts all made Chamber’s list even including a plan by Obama himself even though that plan never made it to paper. Other plans that would have averted a downgrade were Paul Ryan’s plan and the Cap and Balance plans.

The assumption of the Democrats that Tea Partiers were reason for the downgrade was not only a lie but extremely inflammatory. Now that the Democrats didn’t escape the downgrade their leader and cut loose his DOJ attack dogs to punish the offending party. When over 150 lawyers reside in the Whitehouse on a daily basis this is what happens! Lawsuits are the punishment, after all Obama never pays those bills, WE DO!