More EPA Regulation from Our Government

More EPA Regulation from Our Government

Al Ritter

When was the last time you heard the word DEF, except maybe a carry over from the

80’s band Def Leppard? Intrusion into our lives by government is nothing new, but diesel truck owners are target of a new program by the EPA.

Years ago our government actually told us that diesel trucks didn’t create harmful emissions the black smoke we used to see when big rigs left a stop light were deemed as OK by the EPA. It seems that as time goes on our government doesn’t want us driving diesel vehicles after all. New low sulfur fuels have pretty much eliminated any monetary benefits associated with diesel engines, but this new mandatory system creates yet another regulation for diesel owners.

The majority of products are transported in our country by way of diesel engines, whether they are used by trucks or trains it is the main fuel to move product in the USA. Anytime a new mandate is forced on the public especially when it involves the most common form of fuel, it will end up costing the end user more money also.

Now I come from an automotive background, so when I saw this product on the counter at my favorite auto parts store I began to laugh. Conjuring up memories of “high performance muffler bearings,” I couldn’t help but to snicker when I read the label of a 1 gallon jug of “Diesel Exhaust Fluid.”

I was laughing when I asked the counter man …..”What the hell is Exhaust Fluid?”

He told me that in late 2011 diesel vehicles in the USA require a product known as DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Because DEF doesn’t mix with diesel fuel the fluid has to be injected into the exhaust system to reduce nitrogens of oxide emissions. The fluid is held in a special tank and is injected at a specific rate into the exhaust system. Now here is where our government’s demand gets ugly. When the fluid gets low, a sensor sees this level and reverts the computer into “limp mode.” This means the vehicle will only go between 20 to 30 MPH until you refill the auxiliary tank. Ignore the system past that point? The computer will shut down the engine entirely!

Now all new over the road tractor trailer drivers will be carrying an additional 1 gallon container to pacify the anal congress and EPA!