Martin Luther King Jr. is Spinning in His Grave!

Martin Luther King Jr. is spinning in his grave!
Al Ritter

The immortal words of Dr. King’s speech “I have a dream,” have been so abused the last two years. The words where he dreams of a day that people will judge the person for the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin, has been tossed aside by the present administration.

I fear that race relations have been driven back a hundred years with the obvious actions of Barack Obama, a half white half black politician whose main aim as President has been to remake America in his image of what is right.

The possibility of electing another black President regardless of party affiliation has been tainted for many years due to his far left policies and socialistic leaning.
Martin Luther King had the idea that everyone was equal, or should be viewed as such, but the current President deals with race, (his black side) as the dominate superior side, and has actively rejected white citizens views with distain and great anger.

Many people have viewed Barack Obama as an angry socialist with a chip on his shoulder to anyone with white skin.

Martin Luther King viewed everyone in a more acceptant light and rightly so. Equality can never be achieved when one race is viewed as superior to another………..Dr. King was a Republican, he didn’t subscribe to the divisive nature of the liberal party, but the rather the equality of man.