Call for Constitutional Test for Congress

We are a Nation of Laws, Not Men
Al Ritter

In a time where liberals would rather defer to the cult of personality rather than the law, the showdown came to the House yesterday as the Republicans read the constitution aloud before the first session. Grumblings from the Democrats were loud and plentiful in protest of the reading.

Charges ranged from grandstanding, to reciting an old document which doesn’t mean much in today’s society. The recitation was even interrupted by a spectator in the gallery when it came to Article II section 1 stating the requirements needed to be President. The spectator shouted, “What about Obama,” where after that woman was immediately arrested pursuant to house rules.

Our nation was founded on very few laws in 1776, but they were founded on respect, honor, and Judeo/Christian belief. For ANY representative democrat or republican to object to the reading of a document that sets forth the articles of our laws, is both disrespectful and displays an ignorance that has no place as a lawmaker. The House is where new laws are suggested and put forth to the Senate, how can any person that ignores the founding document be trusted to suggest a law that adheres to that very document?

I would suggest we go one step farther next year. Make EVERY representative not only read the Constitution, but pass a standardized test on that very document before doing even one day of business on the house floor! If they can’t pass said test then the house will return said representative to the state for further training or a revote to one who can pass the test.

The Constitution is a sacred document to the Republicans, it is NOT a “living document” as the left thinks it is. There as so many requirements including a super majority necessary to add an amendment, and that was the exact intent of our founding fathers…….to make changes HARD! The Constitution is the representation of a country that touts the principal of law over the celebration of an individual ( such as a king or queen)……….let’s keep it that way!