A Personal Challenge

A Personal Challenge
Kevin Bryant

My wife made a statement to me about a week or so ago. She stated that I never write anything positive and you know what, she is right.

I have sat here in front of this computer for more than a week now and tried to find positive things to write about.

Our Military: God love these people, watch over them and protect them as only you can. This administration could really care less about them. General McCrystal asked for 60,000 troops to accomplish his mission in Afghanistan and he got only half. To justify only giving him half of what he asked for, the administration changed his orders from eliminating the Taliban to building relations with the various leaders throughout the country so that they will turn on those they support and convert to the idea of peace and democracy throughout the region. With that type of a mission, it will only be a matter of time before the administration declares that the phony benchmarks they have set for cooperation will be declared non-obtainable and the administration can once and for all proceed with pulling our troops out of there, making our soldiers, sailors and airmen looking like complete failures, defeated and disgraced, and at the same time appeasing the progressive political base.

Then of course we have the three Navy Seals charged with using excessive force on a known and documented terrorist. If I had killed, burned and mutilated bodies and hung them from a bridge for all to witness, I would expect my captures to beat the ever loving crap out of me, disable me in a permanent fashion and make me one level above a human vegetable. These brave young men are having their careers ruined by this administration for forcing the military to press the trumped up charge of one seal hitting this dirt bag in the stomach and the other two trying to cover it up. The Al’qaeda handbook states clearly that all who are captured are to report about done to them at the hands of their captures. The Navy is giving them a court martial; I would have given them a Navy Commendation Medal if they actually did torture him.

Other than to continue to openly voice my support for our brave men and women in uniform, there really isn’t much there to be positive about.

Our Congress: Pathetic to say the least. The country didn’t want Gitmo closed. The President closed it with an executive order and congress did nothing but stand there with their hands in their pockets and their mouths closed even though a majority of Americans wanted it left open. The Stimulus Bill, the Omnibus Bill, again an vast majority of Americans wanted these dead upon arrival in congress but instead of working to defeat these outright, they debated a couple of amendments and allowed these items to pass. They are doing the same now with Healthcare and Cap & Tax. Americans do not want these, need these or can afford these but again, instead of killing and burying them, they are debating silly amendments that will do nothing in the long run to stop these bills from fulfilling their original intent. Other than Michele Bachman of Minnesota and Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, I wouldn’t give dime for all the other 533 members of congress combined.

Reps Blackburn and Bachman, keep up the good work and continue fighting for what is right and good for America.

The Administration: With the exception of then President Elect Obama making the statement: “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”, we have yet to hear a single word of truth from them. If Bill Clinton can be brought up on charges for lying because he denied having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, then this entire administration should be brought up on charges for they have lied to everyone including each other, stolen from the treasury which means they have stolen from the people, made deals with labor unions and other businesses to further raid the treasury and supported criminal actions of individuals and organizations like SEIU, the Apollo Group, the Tides Foundation and ACORN and their members and leaders. Social Justice; kick all their asses out of office in disgrace. That would be social justice.

Nope, nothing to report on about the administration that could be seen as positive.

I challenge anyone and everyone to give me something about this current congress and administration that is positive in nature. My email address is at the top of Al’s page. Title it: Something Positive, and so long as you do not send attachments, I will open it. Find something, anything and not only will I retract my own statements, I will give you kudos in writing for all to read on Al’s page for proving me wrong. I would like to have your comments and findings in enough time for me to write a response and Al post it as my last post of the year.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.