Obama’s On Again off Again Pledge To Israel

Obama’s On Again off Again Pledge To Israel
Al Ritter

My dear old departed mother once told me not to judge people by what they tell you but rather by their actions. Unfortunately our president wants us to believe the words and to forget the actions. After telling the world at AlPAC that America has “Israel’s back” three days later Jay Carney retreated and diluted the comment saying that that phrase didn’t mean any specific action just offered support.

The really sad part in all this is the disrespect Obama is showing to Bibi Netanyahu. Netanyahu is being used as a pawn in Obama’s reelection campaign. Netanyahu is smart enough to know he can’t count on Obama to support him despite all Obama’s claim to the contrary.

It’s especially sad when the Obama administration constantly views the threat of the extinction of the Jewish people as merely a bargaining chip in the world court. Then to claim that he has done more to help Israel than George Bush ever did is reprehensible. His narcissistic rants never cease to amaze me, and his school yard boasts repulse me.

I want to look into Barack Obama’s face and holler……..”You need to grow up and act like the leader of the free world instead of the childish brat you presently look like!”