Entertainers and Actors: Stop It Already!

Entertainers and Actors: Stop It Already!
Al Ritter

Every time this happens I am floored at the arrogance of individual stars, and personalities that somehow are conceited to the point that they think that we should somehow take political advice from them. If I was a star, I’d be scared to death to make a declaration one way or the other for a political party. I mean this country is pretty close to being split down the middle on political persuasion, and to actively taunt the other half into hating you is a sure sign of narcissism.

I’m not too impressed with the latest display by both Morgan Freeman and Hank Williams Jr. Why on earth would you think the purchasing public would want to hear your opinion on the state of the country? Isn’t it your job to entertain us? I am NOT amused nor am I entertained by your antics.

I have added the last two names to a continually growing number of actors and culture personalities that disgust me. Brad Pitt, I hope you and Sean Penn are getting the message! Obviously others feel the same as I do because Mr. Pitt is suffering a dismal first two weeks of his new movie.

I wished everyone would wake up and vote their conscience in the way of box office receipts and tell these legends in their own minds what we really think of them. Mr. Williams I am disappointed in your actions, they were once wholly reserved for liberals, but now you have crossed the line and are playing the game the way “they” play it. I understand your frustration but hardly condone your actions either. Some things don’t need to be invaded by politics nor should they!