Why are Ron Paul Followers so Anti-Semitic?

Why are Ron Paul Followers so Anti-Semitic?
Al Ritter

Last night I participated in a conversation that was filled so much with hatred against the Israelis that it truly scared me. A woman and a man both in their early 30’s had swayed a conversation from GM cars to how the Israelis should be thrown from their country.

Ron Paul claims that he thinks that Israel should have their foreign aid cut along with every other country, but has no animosity towards Israel. Whatever he has done to brainwash the youth of this country is dangerous to well-being of our country. He denies that he himself is anti-Semitic but does nothing to change the stance of his followers.

Paul’s followers are an enigma to me, they follow no normal pattern, although they are young, they blindly follow a 76 year old who is clearly a confrontational bigot, and their allegiance is carried out in the typical way SEIU and Acorn handle theirs…….rudely and violently. The Libertarian Party claims to be the party of the “founding fathers,” but to anyone who has read the founding father‘s documents, it is clear that the founding fathers would be insulted by such an association.

Paul claims to have some exclusive connection to the Constitution, and to anyone who questions his motives, he answers with hostility and belligerence, and as a result his followers act in the same manner.

I urge everyone of sound mind to read ALL the founding father’s documents from the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, to the Federalist Papers, to the Constitution itself, and judge for yourself whether or not you fall into the category of a Ron Paul follower or a Constitutional thinker!