Wikileaks; A Terrorist Organization?

Wikileaks; A Terrorist Organization?
Al Ritter

The Administration is treating Julian Assange more like a petulant child than the terrorist organization it really is. Not one thing has been done to shut down the website even after the government enacted a new law granting them the ability to do so.

In a speech on the congressional floor a congresswoman accused the Administration of being more concerned about counterfeit Gucci bags and ripped off movies than they are about national security. Reportedly the administration is investigating the legal ramifications of shutting Wikileaks down. Legal ramifications? I’m confused, isn’t exposing national secrets against the law?

For 7 months now the Administration has merely sat on this problem and done nothing other than to arrest the Army private who supposedly downloaded a quarter of a million documents? Something is clearly not right about this story, but the damage continues to spiral out of hand.

Julian Assange is a terrorist plain and simple, and he needs to not only caught, but tried in federal court on espionage charges. To continue to ignore him only gives him relevance. He needs to be in jail away from any computer system. He started his career as a computer hacker, and now he’s graduated into using secret documents as a ransom chip.

If the Administration really wants to hide these additional security documents they should place them right next to Obama’s birth certificate where they would be most secure!