Not Really Goodbye

Not Really Goodbye
Kevin Bryant

I have found all sorts of ways to get motivated enough to sit here and write something. Sometimes it is the topic itself. Sometimes it’s the fact that I had a discussion or debate about the topic within the past couple of days. Sometimes it is something I hear on the radio driving into work in the morning and sometimes it’s something that I think you will find interest in and possibly stirs up a little emotion.

I have tried my best not to bore you to sleep or bring you to the point where you would like to stick ice picks in my eyes so I could never again see a keyboard and produce such dribble. I try not to hit the same topic more than once without a good deal of time having passed between the first and second blogs and I try to type things just as the words would be if I were saying them out loud.

It’s with a bit of sadness I write this. My personal life has taken a very sudden and unexpected turn and is about to change in a way that will make it practically impossible to keep writing. I’m going to miss this. It’s a lot like therapy but you don’t have to pay by the hour to get things off your chest. Who knows, if something irritates me enough, I may forgo an hour or two of sleep and rant for 30 paragraphs about it. So, have you heard the last from me, I doubt it. However there will be months between blogs not days as before.

Not all is bad in my world. I have just passed the 30 day mark since smoking my last cigarette. For someone who has smoked for more than 30 years, this is arguably the toughest thing mentally that I have ever done. If you smoke, don’t worry, I am not going to call for your damnation. I still firmly believe that smokers should have the same rights as people who drink alcohol. I still believe that property owners should determine if smoking is to be allowed in a business establishment and not a bunch of politicians or nut jobs who think they know what is best for everyone.

I hope you all found many of my almost 200 blogs entertaining if nothing else. 2 months to go before the 2010 mid-term election. Hope you are out and doing your best to get good candidates elected and handing a lot of incumbents pink slips.

Take care and God bless.