15 Questions

15 Questions
Kevin Bryant

Greetings fellow conservatives and also to anyone who is not. I like good old fashion honest, no spin type debate. Today though, I have no intention of debating anyone. I am just looking for good old honest opinions from readers.

I thought it would be interesting to see who would participate in this little game and just see what answers would be given. Remember, the more that play, the more interesting it will be to read the comments.

The game is played like this:

I will be asking questions and I would like to know not only your opinion of the question but also how you think our president, Barack Obama would answer the question as well. You can give just your own opinions to the questions if you like or you may just try to answer them as you think our president would, or state what you would have done differently if you were POTUS. Be sure to annotate the difference. If you want to play but do not wish to post your responses online, please send them to me at bryantkd@hotmail.com and here we go…………..

Subject: The Economy / Jobs
1) What actions that you have taken since being in office has made a positive impact on the economy and what, if anything, would you consider less than successful?

2) When congress passed the stimulus plan, you stated that unemployment would not go above 8%. What would you say were the contributing factors resulting in those numbers being higher than projected?

3) During the presidential campaign, you stated that companies would be allowed to build more power plants and drill for oil and other natural resources but they do so at their own peril because you intend to make it so costly that it would not be profitable for them. In order to stimulate the private job sector, would you be willing to suspend up front fees and give tax breaks to those companies in order to stimulate job growth in the private sector?

4) California is bankrupt. Michigan, New York and some other states are close to bankruptcy. Have you given any thought into providing bailout money to these states?

5) Many of the houses that have been foreclosed on or will soon be were purchased by people who bought more house than they could afford before the housing and the job market collapsed. If the government bails out those who purchased more house than they could afford before the collapse, would that not be rewarding them for making bad judgments?

Subject: National Security
1) With the increase of terrorist activity around the world, are you now reconsidering your stance on immigration reform?

2) Phoenix has the second highest kidnapping rate in the world. El Paso and other border towns in the U.S. are seeing an alarming increase in violence spilling across the border from Mexico. Would your administration ever entertain the thought of putting National Guard troops on the borders to back up our border agents?

3) You just agreed to an arms reduction treaty with the Russian President. With North Korea, Iran and many also believe China to be included as well to the list of growing military threats to the United States, how does this reduction make us safer?

4) You recently stated that the option to use nuclear weapons against those who would use biological and chemical weapons against us is no longer on the table. If Iran or North Korea were to use biological or chemical weapons against our troops or set them off here in America, what options would you consider using?

5) It is projected that Iran will have nuclear weapons capabilities before your first term as President expires. Would you, as President, support Israel if they were to attack Iran to knock out their weapons capabilities?

Subject: Random Questions
1) The Tea Party Movement has been around almost as long as you have been president. Many in the media and some of your own party have called them rednecks, racist, Nazis and many other not so nice terms. As president, do you support these types of verbal attacks against the Tea Party members?

2) Other than the CBO, every think tank and numbers crunching agency in America believes that the recently passed healthcare bill will likely cost much more than the congressional estimates and that the government will have to scale back on authorized treatments. How do you counter this belief?

3) You came into office with one of the highest approval ratings in history. Since that time your approval job approval rate has dropped more than 20 points, and is now in the lower to mid 40’s. What do you need to do to stop your numbers from declining?

4) Traditionally, the party in power during mid-term elections loses seats in both the house and senate. Do you believe that republicans will be able to take control of either house?

5) Who are you picking to win the World Series?