Happy 2nd Anniversary

Happy 2nd Anniversary
Kevin Bryant

I don’t know what is more shocking, the fact that I have been writing stuff for 2 years now or the fact that you have not hung poor Al in effigy for posting the things I write. As I said in the beginning, I am not a writer. Before now, the only thing I have ever written was letters and that was before the age of email.

What started out as Al asking me to write a couple of pieces has tuned into more than 100 to date. I don’t know the exact amount because I didn’t start keeping the things I wrote until the end of July last year.

What truly amazes me is Al has posted all but one piece that I have written. Looking back, I’m glad he didn’t post it. It was the only thing I have written while I was still mad at the situation. I opened it up a couple of weeks ago and could not believe I actually wrote that. Thank you Al for not posting that. If you don’t remember what it was, too bad because I’ll not drag it out of the archives.

More importantly, I would like to thank of you for putting up with me and my lack of proofreading abilities. I have had fun these past two years and hope you have enjoyed them as well.

Thank you,